World Time Clock Pack



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Why have one stunning android live wallpaper, when you can have three? All three beautifully designed android apps in one package, bringing you a variety of stylish options for your phone, depending on your mood. Customize your view to see the time, weather and temperature. One of the most talked about android apps.

Each clock has it’s own options like gears rotate, different weather state, world time and settings.Become the owner of a beautiful clock live wallpaper!Compatible with TABLET PC and Android PHONES.

Spectacular live wallpaper of an antique golden, black and ice clock mechanism dated back to the end of the XIX century.Take a pick the way this priceless piece of art clock is constructed inside.

Move the dial around or set up a desired speed for certain groups of mechanism; admire the exquisite luxury on your cell phone or tablet PC. Part of a unique collection of watches for all occasions.

Now you can use Weather state and Weather forecast.

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